About this Blog

What in the world could a 60-year-old lady have to say that could possibly interest anyone?  My daughters have been trying to get me to blog for a while now.  For some reason they think someone might want to read what I have to say… I can’t imagine that!  However, I figure that as long as I am doing an online devotional anyway for them and some friends, I may as well put it out there in the hopes that I might encourage even one person to get into God’s Word.  So, I’ll humbly post this – and maybe I’ll be surprised by what God will do!

I started doing an online Bible study with my two daughters a couple of years ago as a way of connecting each morning around God’s Word.  We were joined by others as we first went through the New Testament twice, then through the Psalms.  I was trying to find direction for our next study, and I decided we will spend the year in the 50 books of Genesis – a chapter a week.  I could not find a devotional book that excited me to use with this study, so my thought is that we will work through this exciting book together (with some help from Jon Courson and Beth Moore).  I find this a daunting challenge, so my hope is that you will all share your own thoughts and expertise by posting comments. And how appropriate to begin the new year with this book of beginnings.  This is the book that truly unfolds God’s plans and answers the very basic question of life:  Why am I here?

Hope someone out there will join us, as we have found that meeting Him in the morning is the best way to begin a day!