Monday, April 4, 2011

Tired in Williamsburg!

Hello, all!

I'm finally in my hotel room in Williamsburg, VA, after a LONG day of travel!  There are 15 of us (10 students and 5 adults, including me).  We met at George White Elementary at 3:40 a.m. and headed in shuttle vans to LAX.  Our flight left at 7:00, with a 30 min. stop in Chicago, then on to Washington D.C.  THEN we got into our big tour bus, with two other school groups (both middle schools), and made a three hour bus ride down to Williamsburg.  To say we're pooped is an understatement, but so grateful to have made it without any problems.  The kids have been great, and the parents are awesome!  Tonight the three teachers leading the groups met together to talk about tomorrow's tour of Jamestown and Williamsburg.  And I learned that one of the other teachers, named Anne, just lost her father YESTERDAY!!  Please pray for her, as she is here with 11 students all by herself!!!

I know God put her here with me for a reason.  The day before her father died, her sister got married - so, her family has also been through a series of emotions.  Her father fell two weeks ago and broke his wrist and something up near his shoulder, requiring surgery.  Well, during surgery, he aspirated, then had a heart attack.  This lead to serious pneumonia and a breathing tube.  He suddenly flat-lined yesterday and could not be resuscitated.  Anne is one of four girls, like me (except she's the eldest in her family and I'm the baby).  I'm certain God put her together with us, so that we could help her through this time.  Please pray for her, that she will have the strength and presence of mind to get through this week somehow, with all of the details that need to be taken care of at home.  Also, pray that the LORD will give me the right words to comfort her.  We mourn with those who mourn, even as we rejoice with those who rejoice!

I'll pick back up on Genesis next week, but so appreciate your prayers for safety over all of us this week, including safe travels for Molly as she leaves Emmy and family in Salt Lake tomorrow to head back to her family.  And then, safety and rest for Emmy, et al as they head home on Thursday.  They have been enjoying a great time together in snowy Park City, thanks to a generous family from our church who offered their cabin to them.  Emmy mentioned that the FOUR of them would be coming home on Thursday, and I was confused for a minute, because I thought she meant Molly, Emmy, Nathan, and Beau, when, of course she meant Penelope, Emmy, Nathan, and Beau!   I'm not used to them being a family of four!!  WOW!

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  1. Praying for Anne and for God to move/speak/act through you. Congrats on your new beautiful Granddaughter! What a blessing to your family.