Friday, January 13, 2012

I've been missing in action!

I’ve been laying low this week, and will be back up next, hopefully! I had a temporary crown put in January 2, which I then pulled up by chewing gum (what was I thinking??). So, I went back in on that Friday, the 6th, and the dentist recemented the temp. By the afternoon of Saturday, I was in extreme pain. It seemed to dissipate by Monday, but by Tuesday afternoon of this week, the pain returned with a vengeance, so I called the dentist and he put me on antibiotics with plans to see me the next day. About an hour after talking with him, I started getting chills, then a fever of 101. I was taking extra strength Tylenol with the antibiotic and the fever finally broke in the morning. I stayed home from school Wednesday, and anxiously awaited my afternoon appointment. They called at 2:00 and told me they could take me earlier, which was great, because right after they called I started getting uncontrollable shaking and chills.

When I got there, he decided to do a root canal. He cleaned out the infection, did the root canal, packed in some antibiotics, then did a temporary sealing to allow the infection to heal completely. I go in on Monday for the finishing of the root canal, then will have the permanent crown put on at the end of the month. I was so exhausted after the chills and root canal (and more fever), so I stayed home again yesterday. I felt much better, although the entire right side of my jaw, chin and lips is now numb ( he hit the nerve when injecting the novocaine, which is not uncommon). I should never have googled that condition (paresthesia) last night, because it freaked me out. The estimates for the numbness to go away were from a few days to two years, or never! Since he didn’t actually nick the nerve, I’m hoping and praying for the few days!!!

Anyway, it’s been a miserable few days, and I did not sleep more than an hour and a half last night, but I’m heading to school this morning. I hear my class is terrorizing the sub!! :) Besides nausea (from the antibiotics) and pain and a headache, I’m pooped! And I’m quickly turning into a complainer, which is so humbling.

The only blessing from this was that, while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair for nearly two hours during the root canal, I spent the entire time praying for everyone I know (including some of you) who have been going through so much worse! I started by praying for Judi, my daughter Molly’s mother-in-law. She is having a kidney removed next week, and she has had all kinds of complications and discomfort. Thinking about what she is going through started me crying as I prayed, and throughout the two hours tears ran down my cheeks as I prayed for her, my sister and her daughter-in-law who lost my nephew this past year, the many friends who are currently undergoing chemotherapy, dear Erin, who is still holding onto that blessed baby (contractions have subsided), and everyone I could think of. The dentist never asked about the tears - I wonder if he just thinks I’m a baby or a kook! :)

So, my tooth thing is very minor, but I am asking for your prayers, that the numbness would go away quickly and that all pain and nausea would stop. Also, pray as I go in on Monday, because now I’m terrified of having more novocaine injections!! I need to be “strong and courageous” like Joshua, and my sweet dentist needs to hit the right spots! I’m sure he’ll be nervous, as well! And pray, specifically, today that I can get through the day without being grumpy to my students!! So glad it’s a three-day weekend!

Throughout this silly ordeal, I have been thanking God for His faithfulness, and that I have had so very few trials in my life! He has been good beyond measure! Back to John’s gospel, LORD willing, on Monday! Would you also keep Judi in your prayers as she has the kidney removed next Thursday? She was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, so we are all so very concerned about her! Love to you all!

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