Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer is over! School starts Wednesday!

Where have I been??? Spending lots of time with family! Although the weather doesn’t show it, fall is definitely here! The smell of “freshly sharpened pencils” is in the air (that’s a quote from the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie, “You’ve Got Mail”)! School starts next Wednesday, and we will be starting back in the Gospel of John. We will begin in John 17, and I can’t wait!

God has been teaching me so much this summer, but the main theme has been to trust Him! I argue so much less with Him than I used to, because I have seen His faithfulness proved over and over. I will be teaching a new grade level this year (fourth instead of fifth), and can see God’s hand so clearly in moving me. I will remain at the same school and in the same classroom, so the changes will be just curricular. This old dog is ready to learn new tricks!

As I start the school year, I’ve been thinking about all that goes on within a classroom and on a playground, so when my daughter, Molly, asked me to write a guest blog on her blog site, I reached back to when she was in school to offer some tips to moms about letting God be God in their children’s lives. Please take a look: click here for Let God Be God in the Life o Your Child
Meanwhile, I’ll be meeting you in the morning again starting next week! So much to learn!  

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