Monday, June 3, 2013

Counting down! Help!

I need prayer big time! There are only seven school days left, and I’m in need of energy to complete the year in victory! This weekend I sat down to start report cards... Aughh! Facing another root canal would be easier! {Note: I’m still partially numb and can barely open my mouth to eat a sandwich from the last one in January of 2012!} Seriously, if the parents don’t know by now how Johnny is doing, after signing four math tests which he gloriously flunked, then I’m not sure how much this report card is going to help!

State testing ended the first week of May, then we prepared for Open House on the 23rd. Now I’m trying to keep 36 students entertained and excited until that final bell rings on June 11th!

I’ve got to admit, I’m being creative! I allowed the students to finally sit with their best friends, to group their desks any way they wanted, and to even randomly name their groups (we have “The Chamber,” “Table for Two,” “The Penguins,” “The Mustaches,” “The Pickles,” “The Table of Awesomeness,” and some other name that has to do with soccer that I can’t even remember right now). They have been reading novels of their choosing in groups of their own making, with no written work attached to it whatsoever! Just reading for FUN! What a concept! And I’ve been stuffing in their brains the last bit of math and science instruction using every fun strategy in my arsenal. I’m exhausted!

I have yet to pull out a video, but since I will be having a substitute Friday while at a district meeting all day, one is coming for sure! Writing sub plans is almost as bad as doing report cards. At least I know the sub READS the sub plans!

Nothing is worse than these last weeks of school! And parents, please know that we get it! I read the FUNNIEST blog this weekend by a parent (and Christian author/speaker), on the parent perspective. This is an hysterical MUST read, so click here to have a great laugh! But, I just wanted to assure all you parents that we teachers SO get it! We hate this time of year as much as you do! I could never understand the concept of “year-round” school! I need the ENTIRE summer off just to make me want to go back in September - and I’m someone who loves this job!

Anyway, please pray for me as I get these report cards completed and the room taken down and closed up. I want to enjoy these last days with these crazy kids - and I want them to know, as I send them out the door to a summer of boredom, that I love them!  

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