Friday, January 14, 2011

Genesis 2:23-25

Good morning, gang!

Today we finish up chapter 2. This is sounds like one of those, "And they lived happily ever after" endings, but we find out quickly in chapter 3 how things go very wrong! When Adam saw Eve, he knew right away, "This is it! She's the one I've been waiting for!" He had seen and named the parade of creatures in verses 19 & 20, and knew that they were not suitable. But this woman! WOW! She was the true answer to his prayers! He gave her the name "Isha," which is the Hebrew word for "woman." "Ish" is the Hebrew word for "man," so she was truly, as Adam declares, "...bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh..."

The attraction was immediate! For some of us, that's how it was with our mates. We had a visceral reaction: "He's the one!" And we experienced that wonderful time of courtship, falling in love, planning the wedding, and enjoying that magical day of our weddings. And we truly thought that was just the beginning of an amazing fairy tale adventure! The sweetness of verse 25 even hints at that sublime honeymoon period: The man and his wife were both naked, and they were unashamed. Unfortunately, reality sets in too quickly, and soon we realize, "He never picks up his clothes!" or "She always finishes my sentences!" [that would be me!!!]

What is the main reason this happens??? We forget about verse 24: For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. I had to look back to see what "For this reason" refers to - and it looks to me like it's the fact that they were designed to be together, since Eve was "bone of my bones" to Adam. So, in other words, it is part of God's great design that a man and woman "leave and cleave." And having a problem in either one of these areas can spell disaster for a marriage.

Most of us had no problem leaving mom and dad, but if you have dragged your parents into your marriage, or they are in any way intrusive in your relationship, this is completely out of order with God's intention for you. For some of us, it isn't necessarily leaving the parental relationship behind, but we are holding onto some other relationship - a dream of a former boyfriend or girlfriend, or an inappropriate friendship with a co-worker (and this does not have to involve sexual intimacy). For some it is the children who get in the way. God spoke to me early on in my marriage that I could not let my darling daughters (whom I have always loved intensely, and who USED TO love me unconditionally - at least until they were teens!) come between Don and me. It is sooooo easy to allow the needs and activities of our children become all-consuming, especially in their school years. It is a true pitfall for moms! We become involved in PTA, volunteer in their classrooms, lead their scout troops, teach their Sunday School classes, chauffeur them all over town. And we mostly love it! And it's usually a wonderful thing to do. But I've seen so many young moms completely neglect their husbands because of the kids. And I've seen couples totally focused on their children's social/athletic lives to the exclusion of their own relationship. It can be a real danger! Because the kids will leave you all too soon - and you do not want to be strangers then! For us older, working moms and dads, the problem can be that we give everything at work, then have nothing left to give each other at home.

The "cleaving" or being "united" is the other part needed to nourish a marriage. Because we are so perfectly suited by God's design, we indeed become "one flesh" in marriage. We need to cling to and rely on each other for the daily encouragement and support that are so vital in life. When we leave for work each day, we face a battle - hours of the world trying to undo us. We come home battle-weary, and we need the encouragement and love of our mates to lift us back up to face the next day. Moms of small children have been fighting the battle of runny noses, potty training , and power struggles with strong-willed children. They need a break along with affirmation from Dad that they are doing a great job! Now, God is truly the only One who can meet all of these needs perfectly, but He has given us our spouses to be "Christ in the flesh" to us here on earth. He has given YOU to your mate for that very purpose! Thank you, God, for the one who is "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!"

Have a great day! No time to edit this morning, so forgive the mistakes!!!

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