Friday, September 7, 2012

Update on Jacob and recommendation

Good morning, friends!

Don and I went to visit Jacob yesterday after school - after what should have been his first day of high school! We stayed a short time, because he is in ICU and had family there. It was so good to see him! He was feeling a little better yesterday, although nauseous. He was waiting for the delivery of a taco, so the fact that he had an appetite was good.

Jacob will remain in the hospital for a few more days, and he will be out of school for four to six months. He will have a home teacher from the district. This has been such a shocking change of direction for their family! His mom, Lori, has three other sons (two in elementary and one in middle school). She is having to learn a whole new vocabulary and adjust to a new routine, while remaining calm and supportive, when she, herself, needs support. It was good to see that she has her extended family around (her parents were both there, and we left as Jacob’s other grandparents arrived).

One of the sweet things for me to see as his former fourth and fifth grade teacher was the visit of a former classmate from that class, Andrea. She arrived with a giant “get well” card that she had made and that was signed by many classmates. Andrea has been hospitalized herself before and knew what it would mean! No wonder that class has such a special place in my heart! She is planning a class reunion once Jacob comes home and is ready for such a visit.

Thanks for your continued prayers. This will be a long ordeal for Jacob and his family! Now - because I’ve got parking lot duty at school this morning, and need to rush out the door, I wanted to point you once again to my daughter, Molly’s blog this morning - a great reminder about letting God have HIS way! Enjoy: Foot Stomping and Pouty Faces

Stay tuned for great things in our next look at John 17!  

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