Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Prayer update and requests!

I have an update on my sister, Jodi, with praise to God for his goodness. Jodi is getting in on a promising new treatment for the multiple myeloma, which includes a new drug that costs $15,000 a month! But after working with her medicare, Part D, it’s knocked down to a mere $5,000 a month. My brother-in-law, Ed, got busy tracking down support from the drug manufacturer and the Chronic Disease Fund, and found out the the drug had just come on the CDF’s formulary list, so she will be able to get it now for a $40 per month co-pay! Plus, Jodi has finally been feeling great again for the past four weeks, is strengthen, energized, sleeping at night, and finally socializing again. Thank you, LORD! This is great news!!

Then, I received yesterday a prayer request from my dear friend, Carrol, who meets us here every morning, and she asked for prayer for her 90 year-old mother, who recently fell and hit her head. She has recovered from the injury and is temporarily in a skilled nursing facility. But she has become depressed, not wanting to eat, take fluids, or get out of bed. So many of us are at this point in our lives with our parents. Carrol and her sister, Linda, who lives in Hemet with her mom, are going to bring her home and pay for in-home care. This has put a lot of weight on Carrol’s sister, since Carrol is two hours away, so please pray for Linda and Carrol as they seek to honor their mother and care for her. Carrol’s mother is ready to actually go home and be with the LORD, so just pray that God’s will would be done in her life.

And I would add the same request for my father-in-law, Frank. He went to the ER last weekend after a fall. He had crushed a vertebrae, but is not in any pain, so he was sent back to the assisted living home. He also just turned 90! Goodness! This is painful to watch! His mind is really faltering at the same time. LORD, be merciful!!

Thanks for your prayers! Study to follow tomorrow!!!  

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  1. Sally, we will dutifully pray in agreement with you concerning your sister Jodi and her battle with multiple myeloma, particularly her need for affordable medication. Also we will pray for Carrol's mother and for your father-in-law, Frank.