Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome, Baby Georgia Anne!

We welcomed a fifth grandchild into the family this weekend! Baby Georgia Anne Blakely was born on Thursday, November 7, and all of the Blakelys and Aunt Molly rushed to Salt Lake City to meet her! Saturday was a day filled with tension,as the birth mom waivered. But in the end,she chose to sign the papers, and Georgia left the hospital Saturday night with her new family. She is a beauty, and we are all in love!

Here she is, meeting Mommy for the first time:

Here she is with Daddy and big sister, Penelope:

And here is big brother, Beau, with his two sisters:

Penelope loving on Georgia:

And another shot of Emmy with this sweet baby:

I am flying to Salt Lake to join them on Thursday and will accompany them on the drive back home to Southern California. Can’t wait! Thank you, LORD, for this precious baby, and for the birth mom who gave the most precious and sacrificial gift she could. Bless that mom’s life abundantly, Father! Comfort and assure her that she has made the right decision for this little girl!

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