Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prayer would be good right now...

Good morning, dear friends!

This morning my heart is so heavy, so I’m just writing to ask for prayer. Yesterday morning we received the shocking news that my wonderful 35-year old nephew, Justin, had died in bed of a heart attack. Justin has a darling wife, Stephanie, and three precious sons, five-year old twins Grant and Kellen, and three-year old Lennox, and a fourth on the way, due this summer.

Justin was the son of my eldest sister, Jodi, and her husband of nearly fifty years, Ed. They have been living in Rome for several months, and are now making plans to return. Unfortunately, the night before Justin died, Jodi had received other shocking news: she has multiple myeloma. So, within 24 hours, their lives have been turned upside down and all of our family is in mourning. Jodi is extremely weak right now, so please pray that God will carry her here, protecting and strengthening her in her body and as well as in her spirit.

We are awaiting news on when the services will be. We will all be heading to Northern California for this sad reunion. We are trusting God, who was NOT surprised by any of this - and we are thanking Him for going on ahead of us all. Please pray that God will surround Stephanie and her boys and protect her baby. May He bring good out of it all!  And may He be glorified in our response...



  1. My dear precious friends, Sally, Molly and Emmy,
    Molly let me know as she was on her way to school to let you know the sad news, Sally. So I have been praying non-stop for you and your family. Sometimes it is tempting to wonder where God is during Japan's situation and now this sudden loss of a young life, but WE TRUST AND KNOW THAT HE IS RIGHT BESIDE US. HE IS THE SAME PLACE HE WAS WHEN HE WATCHED HIS SON DIE ON THE CROSS FOR US. I remember being angry at God when I watched my mom throw up bile in a hospital bed - when it was like His voice told me "Now do you get an idea of how I felt when I watched my innocent, sin-free Son die on the cross." During these difficult and sad days, you can rest assured all of us who love you so will be lifting you up before the throne room. May you feel His loving presence and the warmth of His arms around you. WE LOVE YOU IN HIM,
    Ree and gang. Yes, please do keep us posted on how we can specifically pray for Stephanie too and her sweet boys.

  2. praying for your family, praying for his wife, children and his parents. love to you all!