Monday, March 28, 2011

Too much to take in all at once...

This has been a couple of weeks of roller coaster emotions! We returned yesterday from San Jose, where my nephew’s funeral was on Friday. We drove up with heavy hearts, but anxious to be reunited with my entire family, who were coming in from all over the country. It was so wonderful to be with them all and to be comforted by everyone’s love and presence. I’ve truly seen this week how important little things like a facebook post or a card or flowers or e-mails or hugs can be at a time of grieving. Grief shared is certainly lessened by the joy of fellowship!

On our drive up, we stopped for lunch in San Luis Obispo, where both of my girls went to college ten years ago. As we were returning to our cars to continue the journey, Emmy and Nathan received a phone call from the adoption agency telling them that they have been matched with a baby girl who is being born this coming Friday, so they need to be in Salt Lake City this coming Thursday! The joy I felt watching Emmy and Nathan and Beau rejoicing and praying together was beyond anything you can imagine! They have waited a long time!

So the family that was in mourning found a reason to be glad! The service was beautiful, and, yet, it was so hard to watch Justin’s three siblings and two of his sisters-in-law getting up to speak, knowing how deeply they feel his loss. Even with that, they managed to be funny and celebrate his life. Later, our entire family spent a day just being together and watching old videos (laughing hysterically), telling stories, and renewing our love for each other. It was so wonderful to see all of the grown-up cousins all together and to see the next generation all running around and taking care of each other. My nephew, Jared, the doctor, explained my sister Jodi’s condition of multiple myeloma and gave us great hope that the procedure she faces this week will be successful and provide her with a good prognosis. We are holding onto that hope! It was hard to say good-bye and head for home! We know that we left Stephanie and her three precious boys and the yet-to-be-born baby to begin a new life without their husband and father, and that breaks my heart. Please keep your prayers coming for both Justin’s family and for Jodi!

Now, in the week ahead, we will prepare for the arrival of baby Penelope! Because I am leaving next Monday to take students and some parents to Washington, DC over our spring break, I will not be able to be there to greet her in person. However, Aunt Molly is going with them! I’m now heading into parent confernce week, with report cards miraculously completed! Thank you, LORD! As life goes on, so does our study in Genesis, and I promise to get on with that tomorrow...
Love you all!


  1. Sally; I know the feeling of grief mixed with joy. My precious grandmother died two days before the birth of my first son. I was unable to go to the funeral and it was a painfully sad time mixed with great expectation. There was a simple beauty to that time. The verses from Ecclesiastes about the time for everything took on new meaning. God is in control and nothing passes by His righteous right hand. I imagine it is harder for your Stephanie to see that right now as my grandmother had lived a wonderful life, she was my rock. It all seems more senseless in your case. For now, rest assured that you and your family are being prayed for...that peace would reign over all of you and that joy will return quickly.

  2. Bless you, Jenny!! So appreciate your sweet words! What would we do if we did not know that our God is sovereign??? I'm trusting Him to weave it all together into a story that totally glorifies Him!