Friday, April 19, 2013

Proverbs 17:6 Just call me "Nanny!"

When Molly and Emmy were little, one of Molly’s best friends was Erin. She’s the mommy of little Royce for whom we’ve prayed {by the way, he is doing so much better now - feeding tube removed! He still needs prayer for he has many hurdles}. Erin’s paternal grandparents were Nanny Betty and Papa Wayne, and her maternal grandmother was Nanny Dorrene. They were the sweetest grandparents ever! They were so good to their grandchildren, and they even treated our two girls as if they were their own.

So, Don and I determined that when we became grandparents, we wanted to be called “Nanny” and “Papa,” because we wanted to follow their model. There is no name I cherish more than “Nanny!” So far, little Penelope has trouble saying “Nanny.” It sounds more like “Daddy.” But she has no problem with “Papa,” and it warms Don’s heart every time she says it! So, today’s verse jumped out at me:

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged,

    and the glory of children is their fathers. (Proverbs 17:3 ESV)

The NIV 1984 version says it this way:

Children’s children are a crown to the aged, 
    and parents are the pride of their children.

I like that version, because it still amazes me that my grandchildren are actually my children’s children! I love watching my daughters in the role of mommy! I often catch them looking at their children with eyes so full of love, and it just warms my heart!

Grandparents have that special role of just loving and nurturing the grandchildren. It is our reward for all of those years when we agonized over how to best raise our own children - for the times we fell on our knees in tears of frustration because we were sure we were doing it all wrong! This has been a week of tears and prayers for both Emmy and Molly as they attempt to shape the will of their two headstrong girls! Those of us who have had strong-willed children can so identify! Being a mom to little ones is such an exhausting job!!! So, all the more sweet are these years of being “Nanny!”

{ Point of interest: Did you note that the second part of today’s verse says we are the pride of our children? I’m not so sure about that! I think I’m still more of an embarrassment! I used to tell the girls that it was my job to embarrass them, and I was going to do a great job of it! }

Our oldest grandson, Beau, age 10, is now at the point when he is nearly out of childhood! He has taken to texting me every night as he climbs into bed just to touch bases with me. I love it when my phone chimes at his bedtime! And last week, spending our spring break together in Washington, DC, was amazing! And at least a couple of times a week the phone rings and it’s Colin and Lucy checking in to see what Nanny and Papa are doing. I realize that there is coming a time when we will not have such an important place in their hearts, so I’m cherishing these years!

So, even though this verse in Proverbs lumps me in with the “aged,” I’ll gladly claim that name of “Nanny!” I only pray that I’m doing it justice to honor Nanny Betty and Nanny Dorrene!  

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  1. This brought a tear to my eye! You are absolutely honoring the memories of Nanny Betty and Nanny Doreen! Makes me excited about the day when I get to be Nana in honor of my precious Nana. If I can just survive the teenage years...